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Matt Harrison's Leadership Journey: A Blend of Vision, Strategy, and Growth

Matt Harrison, nine months into his role as Channels Director for M&S Foods, shares insights into his career, the exciting developments within the Channels team and the culture at M&S. With a background spanning both corporate and entrepreneurial businesses, Matt’s varied skills are shaping the future of M&S in the competitive retail landscape.  

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Empowering 26,000 Colleagues: A spotlight on M&S’ Digital Essentials upskilling programme

This year, M&S took a firm step forward with our 'Digital Essentials' program, investing further in colleagues digital and data capabilities. Principal Strategist, Conor, explains more in his latest blog.

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How being a Problem-Solver led me to be the Senior Head of Engineering at M&S

Meet Maebh, Senior Head of Engineering. Maebh tell us more about the tech trends our Digital & Tech teams adopting, the best part about her job and how our policies offer the flexibility to achieve a great work life balance.

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A Tech Career for Life: How M&S does Tech Differently

Meet Janak, Software Engineer, as he tells us more about what it's like to work within our tech team, problems we're currently solving, company culture, and top tips.

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Embedding digital inclusion into M&S web platforms

Dilesh, Product Manager for M&S Web platforms, and Emma, Senior Engineer, emphasize the importance of accessibility in their roles. For M&S, accessibility ensures inclusivity for all users. Citing W3C, businesses with an accessibility focus are more innovative and better poised for success.

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Meet Product Manager, Sasha

Sasha is one of our brilliant Product Managers in our Digital & Tech team, helping us to continuously delight our customers online and in-store through innovative and convenient tech solutions. Learn more about her role and her proudest career moment to date.

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