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Data is powering how we transform M&S. With a seat at the table in every business area and access to industry-leading tools, we’re the team defining how we make every single decision.


From an app used by millions of people to a global website, we’re developing and delivering the services and products that define how customers interact with us.

Personalised Discovery

With over five billion digital customer interactions a year, we work with some of the most exciting datasets in the business. We then automate and innovate how we seamlessly match customers to products they love.

Digital & Technology Products

Customers come to us for our world-leading products. They come back because our team is building seamless digital experiences and never stops looking for the next opportunity to reimagine them.


A big idea is only as valuable as the impact it has on real customers. We take our biggest and boldest ideas and work out how to make them transform customer experiences without affecting what’s already here. 

Group Tech Services & Architecture

Our tech stack is one of the most exciting in any consumer industry and we make sure it’s always ready to transform every aspect of our customer and colleague experience.

Infosec & Tech Risk

Our customers trust us. We’ve worked hard to build that trust and as we move into an increasingly digital ecosystem, our infosec teams make sure we protect our business and our customers from emerging threats.

Omnichannel & Online

With over a thousand stores and millions of site visits and app users, we’re exploring new possibilities in how to connect digital and physical shopping in over 100 international markets.

Our Stories

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Embedding digital inclusion into M&S web platforms

Dilesh, Product Manager for M&S Web platforms, and Emma, Senior Engineer, emphasize the importance of accessibility in their roles. For M&S, accessibility ensures inclusivity for all users. Citing W3C, businesses with an accessibility focus are more innovative and better poised for success.

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Shining a light on digital and data skills at M&S

Our BEAM Academy helps to equip our 65,000 colleagues with the relevant capabilities to play their part in our digital transformation towards being the best omnichannel, digital-first retailer in the world. We spoke to Conor, Principal Strategist, about its work. Read on to learn more.

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Meet Chloe

Meet Chloe, our BEAM Academy Lead about why she loves working in Digital and Data at M&S.