Value. Innovation. Deliciousness. We work tirelessly to get the big and little things right for our customers, offering them the best of the best in product quality, exciting innovation, trusted value and one-of-a-kind store experiences. 

Team Roles

9 jobs in 1 location

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We build the partnerships and seal the deals that get delicious, quality food into customers’ hands for every occasion. And we do it while offering great value for money and with a minimal impact on the planet.

Food Technology

People love M&S because they’ll always find something new and can count on it being of the highest quality. We’re the team setting those standards and finding innovative ways to always surpass them.

Product Development

Nothing changes faster than our customers’ taste. That’s why we push boundaries every day to find the next dish or treat that everyone loves. This is where your hunch will become the new must-have office lunch.


We’re here to amaze people with the scroll-stopping digital, head-turning displays and conversation-starting campaigns that make M&S world famous and put our products in front of millions of people every single day.

Supply Chain

We’re here to get customers what they want when they want from farm to fork in a safe, efficient and sustainable way. Every day we are working to solve problems, make improvements, deliver innovative solutions and find new ways to get product to our customers.