Celebrating 5 Years of Plant Kitchen Innovation at Marks & Spencer

At M&S, the journey from ideation to shelf is guided by innovation, consumer trends, and a commitment to quality. James, a pivotal figure in the development of the renowned Plant Kitchen range, shares how products have continued to evolve to delight our customers over the past five years. 

Meet James, one of our passionate innovators behind the Plant Kitchen range. His background in Michelin-starred restaurants laid the foundation for his role in developing delicious products in our healthy meals category. His role as Lead Product Developer takes ideas right the way through from creative to strategy and development before products hit the shelves for our customers to enjoy.

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Since its launch in 2019, James and his team have led the evolution of the Plant Kitchen range, responding to the rising interest in veganism, ethical eating, and the health benefits of plant-based food. In a recent survey, 46% of our customers told us that they want to reduce their meat intake so ensuring that the range remains at a good price point, doesn’t compromise on deliciousness and is of the highest quality is a win-win for M&S and our customers.

For James, Marks & Spencer’s ceaseless dedication to quality and customer satisfaction sets it apart. “M&S never sleeps. We’re obsessed with quality and innovation to get our products right and make our customers happy. At every level, we’re all working so hard to do the right thing.”

 “The brand is ingrained in British culture. Everyone has a food memory from shopping at M&S and the level of resource we put behind our ranges is just phenomenal. M&S has always been the benchmark and the one to beat in food. I’ve always worked in food and making customers happy at a high level. M&S gives me all of that.”

James tells us about the exciting plans on the horizon for Plant Kitchen – “This year, we’ve launched two new products - ‘More than mince’ and ‘More than meatballs’. These vegetable-based protein products are setting the standard for what 2024 is going to be about: vegan products that are high in protein, high in fibre, low in salt and more beneficial to your body than meat.” James’s team will also be revamping classics such as the Chicken Kiev to offer more nutrition and a hefty dose of veggies. The aim? Leading the market with plant-based options.

Interested in a career in Food at M&S? Learn more about creative roles in Food here and join us in crafting the future of food innovation here

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