Meet Shuwen: A Peek into the World of M&S Frozen Food Product Development

Have you ever wondered about the magic that goes into creating the delicious frozen food offerings at M&S? Today, we take a behind-the-scenes look at the role of a Product Developer in the Frozen department with Shuwen who gives us insights into the world of frozen food innovation and quality.

Shuwen, what does your role entail?

As the Product Developer in Frozen, my role involves developing products and ranges across the Frozen Category. We have a real opportunity at M&S to lead on quality and innovation in Frozen UK retail given our credentials and trust in the brand, and at no compromise to quality just because it’s Frozen. I work closely with the Buyer, Technologist and suppliers to outline the product proposition and develop and scale the products, to then land in store and to be enjoyed by our customers.

What’s the best thing about your job?

One of the best things about working as a Product Developer in the Frozen department at M&S is the incredible diversity of the role. One day, you could be working on bakery products, and the next day, you're crafting mouthwatering meals. From fish to party food and even the delightful world of ice cream, it's a constant learning curve, ensuring you curate your very own "shop within a shop." The variety and the ever-changing nature of the job keep it exciting.

Tell us more about how you came to M&S?

I didn't always work in retail. With a background in finance and technology, I had to acquire new skills and adjust to a different working culture. The key takeaway here is that passion and determination can drive a fulfilling career, even if you don't have all the expertise right from the start. M&S, a company that values diversity, will support you in thriving in your role.

As a Food Product Developer and super foodie, it was always a career goal to work for M&S Food. My personal values are in line with M&S’ – great quality food, innovative products, offering healthy choices and looking for sustainable solutions. Being able to now influence that development is really exciting.

What’s your proudest career moment so far?

One of my most exciting and proud moments was the launch of the NEW Frozen Pizza Range in September 2023. This involved traveling to Italy to collaborate with an exceptional supplier to craft the perfect pizza. From the base to the sauce and choosing delectable toppings, this journey was an adventure in culinary expertise. The goal was simple – bring the very best frozen pizza to M&S customers. It's a testament to the commitment to quality and innovation in the Frozen department.

How do we go about choosing the best suppliers for our products?

Selecting the right suppliers is vital to M&S's commitment to quality. We share our vision, values, and quality standards with potential suppliers and we look to find the best supplier partners who share this commitment and are dedicated to meeting these expectations.

What makes M&S a special place to work?

The heart of M&S's special work culture lies in its people and their unwavering drive to succeed. M&S employees are known for their talent, high energy, and a super "can-do" attitude. And let's not forget the unique charm of sharing the workplace with beloved M&S characters like Percy and Colin!

Why M&S?

Our Product Developer shares that the decision to work at M&S was a no-brainer. As a food product developer and a foodie at heart, it was always a career dream to join M&S Food. The personal values of delivering great quality food, creating innovative products, offering healthy choices, and exploring sustainable solutions align perfectly with M&S's mission. The exciting part is the opportunity to influence the development of these values.

If you have a passion for food and a commitment to quality and innovation, M&S could be the perfect place for you to flourish. Learn more about a career in food with us here.

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