Pride in Authenticity: My Journey of Inclusion at M&S

We spoke to Head of Sustainability & Technical Specifications, Andy Krimat-Carr, whose 28-year tenure at M&S is not just a testament to his dedication but also a journey of self-discovery, continuous learning and inclusivity.

I joined M&S on the Graduate scheme fresh out of university, having studied Management Science in Manchester. Although I had come out as gay to my friends during my university years, I wasn’t initially overt about my sexuality when I started at M&S. It was a very different time back then and I wasn’t sure how it might be received in a work context.

I didn’t need to worry though. When I initially told my colleagues, they were completely accepting of me. From then on, I made a conscious effort to be open with everyone I work with and, since then, I’ve been very fortunate to have been accepted by every one of my colleagues and peers. Creating an environment where everyone feels accepted is very important to me and M&S does that really well.

Throughout my career at M&S, I’ve had the privilege of working with supportive colleagues and mentors. One that stands outs is a former Homeware Director - he accepted me for who I am without any hesitation. Having someone of his seniority show such acceptance was incredibly affirming and that acceptance is still very relevant today.

My journey at M&S has been anything but stagnant and I’ve been offered a lot of brilliant and challenging opportunities. I’ve worked in and managed many different stores across the country before specialising in Store Design and now our sustainability commitments and technical specifications. Each role has taught me something new and has helped shape who I am as a colleague and leader in the business.

As well as our commitment to creating a truly inclusive workplace, continued learning and development is a key part of M&S. This is clear from the varied opportunities I’ve been offered across the business during my tenure. In a recent personalised coaching session, I developed my motto - “Who I am is always enough.” This mantra has become my mission, both personally and professionally.

Outside of work, I’ve been fortunate to find love and support. I met my husband, Moe, at an M&S Christmas party in 2010. Our relationship has been a journey of its own, navigating cultural differences and family dynamics. But through it all, we’ve built a life together with our dog, Halle.

This Pride month, I’m excited to be actively involved in M&S’s celebrations – especially the M&S float at London Pride! It’s not just about showing our support to the community as a business; it’s about making sure that everyone – colleagues, customers and communities - feels welcome and represented.

If I could share one thing with anyone considering a career at M&S, it would be this: you can absolutely be yourself here. M&S is a brilliantly accepting business and I’ve always felt comfortable and encouraged to be myself. With a diverse and inclusive culture, endless opportunities for growth, and supportive colleagues, M&S truly feels like a place where everyone belongs. And that’s something worth celebrating.

Learn more about our commitment to inclusion and diversity here

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