Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 2024 with Engineering Apprentice, Jack McPhee

Meet Jack, Engineering Apprentice at our Castle Donington distribution centre. Jack tells us more about his Mechatronics apprenticeship, delivered in partnership with Toyota.

Hi Jack, what is the name of your apprenticeship?

I’m studying the Mechatronics maintenance Level 3 apprenticeship. This course is delivered by Toyota and I’m then able to put my learnings into practice at Castle Donington.

What skills are you learning as part of your apprenticeship?

There is a big focus on mechanical and electrical maintenance, learning skills like hand fitting, machining and welding, as well as hydraulics, pneumatics and PLC programming. These are all skills that I was excited to learn before I started the course. The apprenticeship also helps to develop “soft skills” like communication and leadership.

Why did you originally decide to take on an apprenticeship with M&S?

I have family that works for M&S and they’ve always told me it’s a great place to work. I’ve always enjoyed working on mechanical and electrical equipment and figuring out how it all works, so it seemed like a good combination for me. 

How does M&S support you through your apprenticeship?

M&S gives me the time and resources to help with my written tasks as well as providing all of the training to help me to do the job properly. For the first two years, you spend most of your time at Toyota's training facility, but regularly come back to M&S so you can see how the theory applies in the real world. Once that’s complete, I will be offered a full-time, permanent role with M&S.

How did you balance work and learning with your apprenticeship?

We’re given the time in the week to balance learning, paperwork and the chance to work on the equipment at Castle Donington. I don’t ever feel snowed under so I think I’m managing the balance pretty well with the help of my colleagues, tutors and Line Manager.

What would you say to anyone thinking of doing an apprenticeship?

It is an amazing opportunity that you should take if you have the chance. It gives you a huge head start in your career compared to other pathways.

Interested in a career in logistics and maintenance? Learn more here

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