Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 2024 with Policy Advisor, Ade Aritobor

Embark on a journey of professional growth with Policy Advisor, Ade Aritobor, as he shares insights into his apprenticeship experience.

From M&S's commitment to talent development to the challenges and rewards of balancing work and learning, Ade shares a glimpse into the thriving learning environment at M&S and the transformative impact of apprenticeships on both career and personal development.

Hey Ade, what is the name of your apprenticeship?

I’m studying the CIPD Level 5 – HR Consultant Partner

What skills are you learning as part of your apprenticeship?

This apprenticeship is equipping me with a diverse set of skills. I'm learning about effective people management, developing strategic HR plans, and understanding the nuances of employment law. On a broader level, I'm also honing my communication, and problem-solving abilities, which are vital in any business context.

Why did you originally decide to take on an apprenticeship with M&S?

I chose an apprenticeship with M&S because of their reputation for nurturing talent and providing a rich learning environment. The company's commitment to professional development, coupled with its position as a leader in the retail sector, made it an ideal place for me to grow both professionally and personally.

How does M&S support you through your apprenticeship?

M&S has been incredibly supportive throughout my apprenticeship. From offering off the job hours to facilitate learning, to providing access to experienced mentors and a variety of training resources. Everyone at M&S has helped to ensure that I have all the tools and support I need to succeed.

How did you balance work and learning with your apprenticeship?

Balancing work and learning have been challenging but rewarding. I've developed a structured schedule that allocates time for work, study, and personal commitments. M&S's supportive work environment and my own time management strategies have been key in maintaining this balance.

What would you say to anyone thinking of doing an apprenticeship?

I would highly recommend an apprenticeship for anyone looking to advance their career while gaining practical experience. It's a unique opportunity to learn on the job, earn while you learn, and develop skills directly relevant to your career aspirations. Be prepared to work hard, but also know that the rewards, both in terms of career development and personal growth, are immense.

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