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Set the trends. Check the fit. See the sales. Whether buying or creating products, we make sure they’re the ones customers love.

Team Roles

3 jobs in 1 location

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Our buyers are the best in the business. Step inside the mind of the customer every day to help us find the fashionable products and third-party brands that they need before they know it.


We work with our buying team to analyse data and buying history, making sure to offer products that customers keep coming back to. With a head for business and a curiosity about analysing the market, we’re here to stay one step ahead of every trend.

Product Design

Catwalks. Street fashion. Influencers and more. We take inspiration from all over the world and weave in styles of our own to create products customers will queue around the block for.

Product Technology

We’re proud of what we make and how we make it. We’re the team that always has one eye on what’s coming next to find innovative ways to make the next generation of ingenious products.

Commercial and Operations (Space Planning)

This team make key decisions around space allocation across stores, and trading decisions around pricing strategy. They’re all about crafting the eye-catching displays that capture our customers’ attention.