Explore the Legacy of our Murraygate Colleagues with Over Two Centuries of Combined Service

Meet the six M&S colleagues from Dundee with an impressive collective service of over 220 years.

In the heart of Dundee's Murraygate, M&S has been a staple of the community for over a century. Originating in the area in 1918, the store later relocated across the street to its current establishment in 1936. As the store approaches its next exciting chapter, moving to a new state-of-the-art £5 million facility at Gallagher Retail Park in Dundee, we celebrate the remarkable stories and dedication of our longstanding employees.

As they prepare to relocate to the new store later this year, Morag Newsome, Pam Wade, Denise Smith, Ann Tennant and Alison Wedgwood – alongside Store Manager, Fiona Buchan – bring with them an impressive collective service of over 220 years in Dundee.

Morag Newsome, M&S Safety Officer, joined M&S 41 years ago. She says:

“I joined on a Youth Training Scheme in the 1980s when I was not much more than a kid myself. Since then, I’ve held positions across the store including Clothing & Home, Bank services, Food and Lingerie. I’ve now been here long enough to watch many of my regular customers grow up and have their own families. I love the fact colleagues are there for each other and M&S really does look after its people.  I’m planning to stay for a while yet and can’t wait to move to our shiny new building later this year. It’s definitely a new chapter for us.”

Pam Wade, M&S Clothing and Home Team Manager, has been with M&S for 31 years:

“I first started working for M&S on a part-time basis when my son was young, and I could fit an evening shift around my other commitments. I’m proud of my long service – the company has changed a huge amount in this time – both in terms of the products we sell and all the digital services we offer our customers. I consider myself very adaptable and open to new challenges and our new store is a nice opportunity to put this into action. I’ve made some great friends here and it will be good to share new experiences.”

Alison Wedgwood, M&S Sales Advisor, who has served 39 years said: 

“There’s a special atmosphere here and we all keep each other going. I also really appreciate being around lots of different generations, at all different life stages. Retail is all about embracing change and it will be great to welcome our lovely customers into the new store.”

Denise Smith and Ann Tennant, both M&S Sales Advisors, have each served a magnificent 44 years.  Ann Tennant said:

“While I will really miss this store when we relocate later this year, I’m excited at this new chapter and can truly say that no two days here are ever the same. I’ve loved getting to know my regular customers and it really does feel like one big family working at M&S.”

Fiona Buchan, Store Manager at M&S Dundee, who herself has served almost 30 years, commented:

“Denise, Ann, Pam, Morag and Alison are such an integral part of M&S Dundee - I couldn’t imagine running the store without them. All five colleagues are a credit to the team and are popular with customers thanks to their attentive and caring attitudes. I am so grateful to still have them, and we can’t wait to celebrate their next big anniversaries!

“Our Murraygate building is also well-loved, but it is a legacy building with structural challenges that can’t offer the modern shopping experience our Dundee customers now expect. I’m confident everyone is going to be blown away by all the exciting new features in our brand-new store when it opens later this year.”

Be a part of history in your local community. Check out our latest vacancies in a store near you here.

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