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23rd July 2020

Want A Job In Data? There's No One Size Fits All 

Angela’s been with us for over 5 years now and currently works in Customer Insight for our Clothing & Home department. She came to us from the BBC where she was a researcher. Having really enjoyed the creative side of things, she found herself really missing out on the number action. Which is what ultimately prompted her move into Analytics at M&S.

Forward thinking M&S turned out to be the ideal place for this transition as Angela found all the support she needed to help her develop into her new role.

“I came to M&S not knowing how to code in Sequel or Sass and I basically learned all the fundamentals and skills I need right here.”

“In my first role in Customer Analytics I was working a lot with Sparks data and customer data, learning how to code and getting an insight into the sheer breadth of it all.”

Harnessing all that data for a future-focused organisation like M&S spells endless potential for someone like Angela. It means you can really make a profound impact on the decision-making process. And your recommendations are actually listened to.

We were very proud when Angela was announced as one of the Women in Data for 2019. This is an initiative that brings together women across different data roles and levels of seniority, celebrating their contributions and calling for a more diverse industry. It’s an incredible achievement considering how long she’s been with us.

“It just goes to show that there’s no room for clichés in our industry. You don’t need to be that hooded, spectacled person curled up in the corner and coding to get a job in data.”

“You can be outgoing, you can wear dresses, you can wear heels. You can really own it.”

“It’s exciting, creative and it can even be a little bit sexy.”

Fancy a career in Data? Join Angela by exploring our current opportunities here.