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9th February 2020

National Apprenticeship Week 2021 - Nathan

With an Apprenticeship at M&S, you don’t just gain invaluable on-the-job experience, you receive formal coaching and training in skills that will lay the foundations of a successful career.

When Nathan joined the scheme, he knew he would be given countless opportunities to continue his education and further develop his career.

“The advantages of a retail apprenticeship at M&S in comparison to further education are paramount. Completing this apprenticeship has enabled me to continue my learning whilst gaining invaluable experience in the workplace where I have dealt with challenging situations and circumstances that I would never have encountered if I had of continued in full-time education.”

A rewarding working environment

Leading his own store and team at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic Nathan faced many challenges, but being appointed to a live Team Manager role was also very rewarding. Reinforcing a safe customer & working environment meant Nathan was able to build a level of confidence and trust in his team.

At M&S, your development is in your own hands and for Nathan, exploring various other stores and learning a range of new skills in different store formats allowed him to have complete control over his role.

“The Retail Apprenticeship has really opened up my career prospects by giving me invaluable experience in the retail industry as well as dealing with HR issues, dealing with supplier and logistics partners as well as dealing with central support office colleagues on various subjects.”

 “A retail apprenticeship with M&S was most definitely the right choice for me, it has enabled me to fast track my career in-line with a graduate as I have finished my apprenticeship 18 months sooner than I would have left university and also gained 18 months of invaluable experience in the workplace. It has enabled me to have a clear head-start and fast-track my career as I am committed to working my way to the top of food retail.”

Ongoing education and development

Completing a Retail Apprenticeship at M&S is not the end of Nathan’s education – he plans to stay on to complete a degree in Business Management part-time whilst continuing in his current role with us.

 “If you are considering an Apprenticeship like this in favour of further education, I would say grab the opportunity with both hands. It is vital to have the technical skills and knowledge in any industry, but this combined with on-the-job experience is an invaluable combination to have!”

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