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22nd Sept 2021

Meet Lynne, The Menopause Network

Our Menopause Network is a safe space where colleagues can share their stories and concerns, as well as interesting facts and articles about the Menopause. At M&S, our aim is to help everyone feel comfortable talking openly about the menopause – providing a listening ear and finding positives in the experience.

Lynne has worked for M&S for 33 years, mostly as a team manager. After struggling with Menopause, she found the network and found the support she needed to finally get help.

"I turned 50 and hit the dreaded Menopause! Having had a couple of facial cancers, my GP refused to give me HRT, so I struggled with almost no sleep and the usual flushes every day. Through the Menopause Network, I heard of the Menopause doctor and followed them on Instagram."

"I eventually spotted an Instagram post that a colleague I'd met through the network had shared and I commented. She advised a second opinion, so after battling through for nearly 3 years, I re visited my GP. Thanks to her, I’m now on HRT and feel fantastic."

Issues surrounding the menopause are wider than just women being affected. It's also about increasing male awareness and support, and acknowledging the hormonal challenges faced by transgender men. The menopause really does affect all of us and we need to break down the stigma and be more open about it.

If you'd like to learn more about our Inclusion & Diversity networks, visit our Inclusion & Diversity page here.