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19th Nov 2021

International Men's Day 2021

To celebrate International Men's Day this year at M&S, we're focusing on making a positive difference to men's mental strength, with a core message that it is OK to talk about not being OK. We have created a series of short 10 -15 minute vodcasts with expert advice and colleague testament on a range of topics from spotting signs in yourself and others, the challenges of being a working dad, and how to support colleagues living with PTSD. 

We're pleased to be able to share some of the episodes with you and hope you find them useful.

Mike Yorwerth, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Sponsor of the Gender Equality Network introduces these materials: "I'm really proud to sponsor the Gender Equality Network which is helping to make M&S more inclusive for women and men. We know that there is still negative stigma surrounding mental health for men so we have decided to reframe the conversation to focus on mental strength. I hope this series of vodcasts help men, but ultimately all our colleagues, to feel OK to talk about their mental strength and ask for help when they need it."

Episode 1: It's ok to not be ok

Rob Stephenson, friend of M&S, Founder & CEO of FormScore ® and InsideOut LeaderBoard ®, is on a mission to smash the stigma of mental ill-health in the workplace. Bipolar and thriving (most of the time), Rob knows first-hand the power of knowing when you're not okay, and being okay with it. In this episode, hosted by our Chief Technology Officer and GEN Co-Sponsor Mike Yorwerth, Rob shares his story.

Episode 2: Spotting The Signs in Yourself

Rob Stephenson continues our series with some strategies to help spot the signs in yourself when your mental health is taking a step back