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20th November 2020

Disruptive talent will change the way we do things at M&S Food Innovation Hub

M&S Food Innovation Hub

Here at M&S, we’ve never been shy of thinking outside of the box, of pushing the envelope and creating products that Willy Wonka himself would be proud of.

But to drive harder our legacy of this disruptive innovation and to continue to differentiate our offer from the competition by creating new and exciting propositions for our customers, we are launching The Food Innovation Hub - a standalone team of disruptive talent that will wake up every morning with the sole purpose of supercharging our innovation and commercialisation of business opportunities. Food for thought for any entrepreneurial individuals out there looking to explore their boundless ideas with the support and network of a much-loved retailer.

Headed up by our brand new Head of Innovation, Dom Darby and reporting directly into April Preston, M&S Food’s Director of Product Development - this multidisciplinary team of experts will work together to harness the power of trends, consumer insight, market data, culinary innovation, science and technologies to turn them into commercially successful, coherent product and customer propositions.

As Stuart Machin, M&S Foods Managing Director explained:

“Creating a dedicated team with the sole purpose of driving disruptive innovation will support us in being more relevant to our customers. But it’s not just about relevancy today; the Innovation Hub will enable us to track emerging trends and insights, so we’re one step ahead in responding to our customers’ needs in the future. The team will play a key role in helping us to build an even bigger and better food range and show customers that we’re taking action to address the sustainability issues they care about most—so that our actions today protect the planet for tomorrow.”

“We need the A-Team of Innovation with so any new talent that joins us must have an innate sense and passion for dreaming up the extraordinary and a real hands-on approach to help bring them to life,” says Dom, Head of the Innovation Hub. “These are no ordinary Business Development, Product Innovation or Packaging roles, these are roles that require the most creative, commercial and blue-sky thinking individuals who will take M&S Foods to a whole new level.”

The A- Team of Innovation

There’s no doubt our new Innovation Hub will be transformative in terms of how we approach innovation in the Food Group. Think you have what it takes to join us?