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26th September 2019

This is not Just Any Career. This is a Deliciously Surprising, Future Defining M&S Food Career.

Everyone knows M&S for its quality and originality. Our passion for food continues to make us a staple in UK homes, even against a challenging retail backdrop. Our transformation is propelling us into a new chapter, where we blend the desire to shake up our industry with motivated talent like yours. Help us drive change, fast, and the rewards are there to be savoured.

To give you a taste of our future, we’re becoming more enterprising. What’s our market share? Where’s the commercial opportunity here? Even when we’re dreaming up fantastic flavours of cheesecake, we ask ourselves how can we widen our appeal from our core customers to everyone else, from busy families to young professionals. We need to remain relevant. But as well as asking questions, we need you to dish out even meatier insights.

The pace at M&S Food is more exhilarating than ever. You’ll relish greater responsibility and convert it into the initiative our transformation feeds on, while influencing our digital evolution. Bring more to the table and so will we – putting in front of you the kinds of career opportunities you’ll want to grab with both hands.

You don’t have to come from a food retailer, but you will love food like one of life’s luxuries. We welcome plenty of skillsets across different departments, but whatever your role you’ll champion our products, and want your work to influence their success. Step up and shape the future of M&S Food stores, whether in marketing or data science, food buying or food technology, food product development or supply chain. There’s a career for many tastes.

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