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12th November 2020

"It's really exciting when a new range you've planned hits the stores and it beats its sales plan!"

Demonstrating a natural affinity for products, trends and an insight into the way consumers are shopping - aspiring merchandisers need to possess the ability to understand what appeals to customers.

Tom, who works with M&S as a Merchandising Admin Assistant knows that these skills are key to a successful career in merchandising - a role that he decided to explore following a number of years working in our stores.

“I think what's really interesting in merchandising is seeing the full process, from the design of a product all the way through to it getting into stores. There really is an excitement when a new range you’ve planned hits the stores and it beats its sales plan!” he says.

“I think you would really enjoy a career in merchandising if you're someone who likes working with numbers and if you're good at analysing and noticing patterns and trends. I also think coming into the office you have to have good people skills, especially where you work with all of the different business functions like buying, tech and design. You have to build those relationships.”

If you’re great at multi-tasking, have good numeracy and excel skills and a strong sense of commercial awareness like Tom, perhaps a career in merchandising could be for you? Take a look at the current opportunities.