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Always thinking about tomorrow? You’ve already got the makings of an M&S legend. Now, all you need is the opportunity to get started. Over just a few short weeks as an M&S intern, we’ll give you that and more. We’ll help you understand life inside the retail fast lane – and how we’re transforming our business to be quicker and slicker for customers everywhere. Whether it’s data science & analytics, clothing & home, or food tech that speaks to you, you’ll learn quickly that this isn’t an ordinary internship. It’s exposure, support, and legacy-building stuff. It’s your chance to be the change you see in the world, earlier than everyone else. 

Food has always been at the heart of the M&S story. We were the first to introduce sell-by dates and the cold chain process. The first to ban hydrogenated fats from our foods and ditch artificial colours and flavours. All because our food technologists are the masters of food safety, quality, and legality. Something you could become too. In your time here, you’ll shadow them to get the inside scoop on how we do what we do. You’ll work on diverse projects, like preventing bacterial growth or measuring the texture of soft sweets – and you’ll learn how to bring new products to life. Meeting, greeting, eating. It’s all the exposure to people, products, and opportunities you need to begin your exciting food journey.