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Diversity Insight Programme


Immerse yourself in the inner workings of M&S, an international innovator passionate about products and powered by remarkable people.

We’ve prepared a new, 4-day exploratory programme for students from low socio-economic backgrounds* and/or those who identify as Black heritage. Providing students with an opportunity to gain real-life experience of what a career at M&S would be like, through a range of interactive sessions and networking opportunities. The programme is open to students from all degree backgrounds and is aimed at helping students to make an informed decision about a career in retail and consumer goods.

What to expect?

Firstly, we’ll welcome you to M&S and give you an overview of what we do – a chance to look behind the label and be left encapsulated by our ways of working. The rest of the week will be a blend of working on your key employability skills (like presentation and communication skills) and taking a deeper dive into our business areas (think UX Design, Marketing, Data Science or HR to name just a few). 

You'll have the opportunity to network with M&S Leaders, industry experts and current graduates, working together on an exciting project that will allow you to demonstrate your team-working capabilities and passion for products.

This programme is as much about you finding out about us as it is about us finding out about you, and if everything works out well you could be offered a place our Summer 2023 Summer Internship or Industrial Placement Programme. Oh, and most importantly - you'll get to meet our legendary Percy Pig!

The Headlines   

Programme length: 4 days  

Eligibility: 1st year students (or 2nd year of a 4 year degree) from any degree discipline

Format: In person at M&S Support Office, London Paddington  

Pay: £550. This is to cover travel and food expenses. If you need accommodation in London, this will also be covered. 


Application Process  

Our partners SEO London, upReach and Psalt Rise are supporting us with the application process for this programme. 

SEO London delivers educational, training, and mentoring support to young people from underrepresented and underserved backgrounds.

upReach is a social mobility organisation that offers a free, personalised programme of career support for undergraduates, supporting them to develop the skills needed to access and sustain top graduate jobs.

Psalt Rise is a non-profit community of underrepresented early black talent. They provide their community with the access to career opportunities and provide ongoing mentoring, support and advice.

*Candidates who attended a state school, and:

1) Have a household income below £42,620

Or meet one or both of the following:

2i) Have previously received free school meals

ii) Grew up in a household where no parent or guardian attended university