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We need Castle Donington to operate at its absolute best. Fortunately, we can call on the specialist expertise of a host of professionals, offering a wealth of career opportunities for you to explore and develop into. From Inventory and Quality to Planning and Data to Health and Safety and Development – the opportunities are endless.

Inventory and Quality
We handle a staggering amount of product every day – both in terms of volume and variety. Inventory and Quality are responsible for overseeing it while it’s here, as well as its safe, efficient onward journey to our customers. This means ensuring stock is available, correctly recorded and of the quality our customers have come to expect. Collaborating closely with Operations and Flow, you’ll drive efficiency and KPI delivery by providing the data, analysis, advice and support to enable robust decision making and improvements throughout the whole operation.

Planning and Data
Working closely with Operations and Finance, Planning will build a site wide plan including resource, capacity and performance management that will deliver against our forecast in line with our commercial targets and meet our customer promise every day. Providing data and analytics expertise to the teams to support proactive management of performance within Operations; as well as scenario modelling to enable robust decision making and improve efficiency. You will also liaise closely with our onsite labour agency to ensure management of the pool meets our requirements across the trading cycle.

Health and Safety
Operating at our best means operating safely. This means empowering and training everyone to do their job with health & safety best practice in mind. It’s about ensuring this is embedded in our culture. It calls for constant vigilance – and the tenacity and passion to show that every process we follow and each new change we make is completed with the health and safety of everyone as its first priority.

As our online sales continue to grow, Castle Donington will need to grow with it, and that means increasing our capacity and maximising our optimum efficiency. Our Development Team will identify opportunities to increase our capacity; It could be an improvement; it might be a simplification. Or it’s a large scale transformation with a requirement to demonstrate the commercial imperatives it will drive. You will use your gravitas to make the case for change before designing, developing and delivering the change. Whatever the opportunity, the outcome will be a more efficient lean operation that’s a safe place to work.